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Cloud Services


Hararei helps clients prepare for, adopt, and deploy the latest generation of applications and IT infrastructure in Cloud environments. We help establish well defined roadmaps to maximize your ROI for Cloud services (cost, service levels, productivity, agility, and security).

What is your Cloud Strategy

Cloud Types

IT Leaders are under tremendous pressure to move to the Cloud. Hararei can help formulate your Cloud strategy and assist with the transition to the target environment.

Public, Private or Hybrid?

Moving your organization to the cloud can result in unparalleled agility and cost efficiencies while also serving as a powerful enabler for innovative new business services. In order to obtain the benefits of cloud adoption, your enterprise will require a solid baseline and roadmap for moving to the cloud.

Hararei can help establish a Well Architected Cloud Framework, assist with standing up Cloud Infrastructure Services and Platform Services, and define approach for application migrations to the Public Cloud (e.g., Amazon Web Services) or a new Private Cloud. Benefits include:

  • Accelerate cloud adoption and IT transformation
  • Mitigate risk
  • Control and reduce infrastructure and development costs
  • Architect for continuous compliance
  • Improve DevOps practices & deployment velocity
Cloud Responsibility Model

Leveraging AWS best practices, Hararei partners with you to define a multi–phased roadmap for your Cloud Journey:

  • Explore: Start Cloud Computing exploration with test and development environments. Begin/enhance transformational change programs (Agile, ITIL, and DevOps) to ensure tight integration with cloud strategy.
  • Adopt: Leverage Cloud Computing for company web site and other low risk applications.
  • Expand: Exploit Cloud Computing for core business applications
  • Transform: Continue to enhance processes, especially DevOps, in order to maximize Cloud Computing ROI and drive business value

Public Cloud

More and more companies are embracing the Public Cloud. Both business and IT started to embrace Public SaaS years ago (SalesForce, Concur, etc.). Now, more and more companies are leveraging Infrastructure and Platform services in the Public Cloud too. The reason – it is getting harder for internal IT to compete with Public Cloud service providers. Whether SaaS, PaaS, CaaS, or IaaS, Public Cloud service providers have the scale, flexibility, talent, and service features that make it difficult for internal IT to compete.

Cloud migrations can range from simple provisioning of a couple of AWS virtual servers or consumption of cloud storage, to entire applications with stringent data protection requirements, or to entire enterprises with complicated global privacy and regulatory requirements.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is fundamentally different to Amazon Web Services, which is different to Azure. Understand the differences, and let Hararei start you off with the right Public Cloud for your requirements

Private Cloud

Hararei can design and implement a fully managed OpenStack and Kubernetes offering. There is no manual deployment needed – the service instantly deploys, manages, upgrades, and monitors OpenStack and Kubernetes for you. This 100% cloud based service is ideal for building/enhancing your private cloud, while fully enabling and greatly simplifying public cloud exploitation too.

Edge Storage Solutions

Hararei can design and implement storage solutions that bridge private and public cloud environments using secure and elastic Cloud Generation technologies in the storage and network technology spaces

Security Solutions

Hararei can provide cloud–based edge security solutions for protection of on–premises environments as well as data protection solutions for structured and un-structured data.