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Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Services

Description: A Private or Public Cloud service that provides infrastructure (compute, storage, network) resources. In an Infrastructure–as–a–Service (IaaS) model, the service provider hosts hardware, system software, and other infrastructure components on behalf of its users. IaaS providers also host users‘ applications and handle tasks including system maintenance, backup, and resiliency planning. IaaS platforms offer highly scalable resources that can be adjusted on-demand.

Leading Public Cloud IaaS providers include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Windows Azure, and Google Compute Engine.

Benefits: An infrastructure technology delivery model that:

  • Shifts expense from CapEx to OpEx
  • Increases agility in infrastructure providing velocity in product development
  • Lowers fixed expense
  • Avoids guessing capacity requirements by providing elasticity in infrastructure supply
  • Eliminates undifferentiated heavy lifting in infrastructure
  • Goes global in minutes

How Can Hararei Help: Hararei can assist companies to plan an IaaS migration, and aid in execution either alongside existing teams or as a separate programme. We recognize that any public Cloud migration is likely to be an extended effort, and can help manage that complexity.

Cloud Types

Hararei can also design and implement a fully SaaS–managed OpenStack and Kubernetes offering. There is no manual deployment needed — the service instantly deploys, manages, upgrades, and monitors OpenStack and Kubernetes for you. This 100% cloud based service is ideal for building/enhancing your private cloud, while fully enabling and greatly simplifying public cloud exploitation too.