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Network Transformation

Network Transformation Hararei

The Hub & Spoke WAN architecture has been utilized by enterprises for more than a decade to connect users to applications residing in a central data center. However, WAN bandwidth and low latency requirements are increasing as companies introduce modern applications such as VOIP, videoconferencing, and streaming media, and as applications migrate from the corporate data center to the cloud. Traditional private WAN connection technologies such as multi–protocol label switching (MPLS) have proven to be overly rigid and expensive, and increased Internet traffic exposes enterprises to not only added threats, but also poor user experience due to backhaul latency.

A new WAN architecture is required that improves user performance and security while reducing complexity and costs.

The Hub & Spoke model was not designed for the Cloud:

Bad WAN Design

Ineffective Security

  • Can‘t handle advanced threats
  • Can‘t keep up – patches & threats

Complex to Manage

  • Ineffective use of resources
  • Changes take weeks, months


  • Capex intensive – not elastic
  • Traffic backhaul costs

Poor User Experience

  • Each box adds latency
  • Backhaul latency

WAN Network Transformation is required to support branch office connectivity in a simplified, secure, and cost effective manner. Key capabilities include:

  • Local breakout for Internet traffic — Eliminate backhaul costs and latency, improve user experience, and ensure secure policy–based access to the Internet.
  • Secure, policy–based branch office access to internal apps by load sharing of traffic across multiple WAN connections (MPLS, broadband, LTE, etc.) in a dynamic fashion based on business and/or application policies.
  • Increased visibility (identification of all application traffic by name and location), and ability to centrally assign polices based on business intent to secure and control all WAN traffic.
  • Continuous performance monitoring of throughput, loss, latency, jitter, and packet ordering for all network paths.
  • "Thin" offices — Eliminate device sprawl in each branch office (edge router, firewall, Internet gateway and VPN appliances, WAN Optimization, etc.).
  • WAN optimization to accelerate application delivery between branch offices and data centers.
  • Zero touch provisioning and centralized management.

The Solution: Silver-Peak SD-WAN and Zscaler Internet Security

Zscaler WAN Design

Zscaler built a perimeter around the Internet:
  • Effective Security & Single Management Console
    • It sits inline between your company and Internet
    • Protects all Internet traffic and all users
    • Provides global policy management
    • Real–time and inline — blocking viruses, advanced persistent threats, zero–day attacks, etc.
    • Real–time visibility into Internet usage
    • Granular web app access policies
  • Cloud Based Service:
    • Low Capex & OpEx
    • Elasticity
    • Flexibility
    • Feature Rich

With Zscaler protecting all your web traffic, a cost effective and secure SD–WAN solution with local breakout is now possible. Silver Peak offers a high–performance SD–WAN solution that securely connects users to applications using any combination of connectivity (see below diagram).

With greater reliance on the Internet, the opportunity to achieve "cloud speed" is better served by integrating broadband services into the WAN transport mix. Silver Peak SD–WAN solutions enable enterprises to dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of building a WAN by leveraging broadband to connect users to applications. By empowering customers to use broadband connections to augment or replace their current MPLS networks, Silver Peak improves the user experience, increases application performance, and significantly reduces capital and operational expenses by up to 90%.

Broadband WAN Design

Silver Peak provides secure and reliable virtual network overlays to connect users to applications with the flexibility to use any combination of transport technologies without compromising network or application performance.


  • Multiple connection types
  • Zero touch provisioning
  • Secure WAN hardening
  • Dynamic multi–path control
  • Centralized management
  • WAN visibility and control
  • Path conditioning
  • Business intent policies

Thin Office — The combination of Zscaler and Silver Peak greatly simplifies and reduces the amount of hardware in the branch office. Zscaler provides the Internet Gateway capabilities (firewall, proxy, web filtering, DLP, sandboxing, etc.) as a Cloud service, and Silver Peak‘s on–premises solution replaces the edge routers and WAN optimization appliances.

It is the combination of Cloud–based security and SD–WAN that provides improved agility and security, increased application performance, and significant reduction in capital and operational expenses. Leveraging Zscaler and Silver Peak SDWAN will allow your organization to operate at Cloud speed, anywhere your users are located.

Let Hararei help transform your WAN.

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