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Rapid Internet Protection

Rapid Internet ProtectionHararei

With proper planning, design, and implementation approach, clients can quickly improve their Internet security posture.

There are many customer pain points with respect to Internet security:

  • Increasing number and sophistication of attacks that bypass traditional security systems.
  • Protecting data when the network, applications, and users extend outside the existing security perimeter.
  • Increasing the security posture of the company and not always having control of the budget and environment (e.g., shadow IT groups).
  • Ability to summarize and present security information to other executives and the board.

And for most customers, they have too many existing premise-based point solutions:

  • Cannot effectively manage, administer, monitor, and configure consistently.
  • Difficult to analyze data and identify threats or users/systems already compromised.
  • Too many devices from multiple vendors to integrate and “stitch” information together.
  • Long lead times to respond to new attack vectors.
  • And most importantly, cannot apply new patch levels on a timely (daily!) basis.

How many Internet gateways do you have? How many appliances do you have in your Internet gateways? Are all devices patched (to current levels?), configured the same, monitored, and data collected and effectively analyzed in real-time?

For many enterprises, maintaining web security is becoming an increasingly time consuming, no win situation.

Traditional Internet Gateways are cost prohibitive and provide a false sense of security

Edge Devices
Ineffective security
  • Can‘t handle advanced threats
  • Can‘t keep up — patches, threats
  • Difficult to “stitch” data together and analyze
  • Minimal integration, no closed loop
  • Too many devices to manage
  • Changes take weeks, months
  • Capex intensive — not elastic
  • Traffic backhaul costs
  • Poor User Experience
  • Each box introduces edge latency
  • Backhaul latency

Time to consider an integrated cloud based internet security platform with carrier grade reliability and scalability. A platform that provides investment protection and future-proofs your environment.

Clients who wish (need) rapid protection, can implement Zscaler in a phased approach:

  • Phase 1 —Route Internet traffic through the Zscaler cloud: No change to your existing Internet gateways. Enables quick identification of compromised users. Enables you to quickly close security vulnerabilities.
  • Phase 2 —Reduce costs and complexity, and improve productivity and user experience: Remove plethora of premise-based appliances. Reduce latency. Start network transformation.

How quickly can you complete Phase 1? One client was able to deploy Zscaler to over 40,000 users in one night. Now, the risk profile, change process, and environment are different for every client. But it‘s nice to know that with Zscaler, you can rapidly and confidently deploy if you need to.

Uplevel Your Internet Security

Zscaler Internet Edge Devices

Zscaler built a perimeter around the Internet

Effective Security & Single Management Console

  • It sits inline between your company and Internet
  • Protects all Internet traffic and all users
  • Provides global policy management
  • Real–time and inline — blocking viruses, advanced persistent threats, zero–day attacks, etc.
  • Real–time visibility into Internet usage
  • Granular web app access policies
Cloud Based Service:
  • Low Capex & OpEx
  • Elasticity
  • Flexibility
  • Feature Rich

With greater and increasing reliance on the Internet, Zscaler has the scale, real–time analytics, flexibility, and advanced threat protection capabilities to protect all Internet traffic for all users, and support your businesses‘ desire (need) to operate at “cloud speed”.

Zscaler‘s cloud–based security, as–a–service, provides improved agility and security, increased application performance, and significant reduction in capital and operational expenses.

Let Hararei help your organization to operate at Cloud speed, anywhere your users are located.

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