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Secure Virtual Desktop

Secure Virtual Desktop Hararei

Virtual Desktops (VDI) environments are often used when companies wish to provide an environment for employees in customer care environments, offshore support centers and other mission-focused teams. It is often required that these environments are locked down, with the users only able to access strictly limited functions.


The AWS Workspaces environment is a DaaS (Desktop as a Service) service offering where virtual desktops (VDI) are hosted in an AWS Region. Standard Windows 7 and Windows 10 images of various virtual hardware configurations are run on a “pay as you go” basis. This is ideal for situations where organizations have requirements for temporary workers, who may be working from home or a temporary location. Often, a company can use a lower specification physical desktop machine to access a high specification virtual desktop, saving the company substantial money. Companies only pay for the time they use the virtual desktop.



How should an organization protect themselves from bad things on the Internet when running in AWS Workspaces? How should a company enforce Data Leak Protection (DLP) when running virtual desktops in the cloud, so that sensitive data is not accidently or purposefully extracted? Virtual desktops are typically equipped with a browser, so how can companies ensure the virtual desktop users are not accessing sites like Google Drive and Dropbox, and exfiltrating data?

Zscaler provides a Cloud–based Next Generation Firewall product that runs in the Cloud. Zscaler has sophisticated, centrally controlled policies that can be applied consistently across the organizations existing desktop environment, and also extended into the DaaS environment. Zscsaler offers full–time inspection of every incoming and outgoing byte of traffic, even over SSL. Bad things on the Internet will be stopped before they reach the user, and sensitive data can be prevented from leaving the environment.


The combination of AWS Workspaces and Zscaler Internet Access provides companies a secure Desktop as a Service environment with a low marginal cost.

Hararei can help you get started with a secure VDI environment. Contact us to see how.