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Hararei has vast experience delivering large scale environments across Infrastructure, Platform, and Security domains, with capabilities to deliver in Private and Public Clouds. Hararei can help transition organizations from legacy to future–state environments, addressing people, processes and technology. We are value–added resellers for cloud, security, network, and data protection products, and we have the skills to integrate these leading–edge products into your environment.


Starting with an assessment of the environment, we then work with the customer to identify and quantify the opportunities that will provide the greatest returns. We help to establish:

  • Goals for IT simplification & optimization, and the target environments
  • Disinvestment programs with clear understanding of financial impact (benefits!)
  • Cloud Blueprint & Roadmaps
  • Transformational Change Programs
  • Mitigation/remediation plan for security risks

Cloud Journey

Hararei can help clients prepare for, adopt, and deploy the latest generation of applications and IT infrastructure in Cloud environments. We establish well defined roadmaps to maximize your ROI for Cloud services (cost, service levels, productivity, agility, and security), and can help you execute against those roadmaps.

For homegrown/purchased applications with no SaaS alternative, leverage Cloud Infrastructure Services


Protecting client data and ensuring a secure environment are top priorities for most firms. Action is necessary due to the increasing and evolving number of sophisticated security threats. And the threats are only increasing as more services are moved to the public cloud (e.g., SalesForce, Office365, Google Apps, AWS, GitHub, Ariba, DropBox, etc.) Hararei can help to improve your security posture for Internet, Cloud, Network, Remote Access, and Structured & Un–structured Data.

Channel Partner Solutions

Hararei is a Value Added Reseller for leading edge technologies in the security, cloud, network, and data protection domains. We have the skills to integrate Internet Security, IaaS & CaaS, Cloud Hosting, SD–WAN, and Data Protection solutions into your environment. Learn more about our Partner solutions.


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