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Turnkey Private Cloud Hararei

Most IT leaders would like their private cloud to be similar to the services provided by public cloud providers with respect to provisioning and configuring capacity. Unfortunately, building and maintaining a private cloud is not easy, especially one that is like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. The good news is that the pieces exist for an Edge Solutions Provider like Hararei to provide a low cost, flexible, turnkey private cloud solution to meet your unique compute, storage, and network needs. One that will also prevent vendor hardware lock–in.

Hararei will work with you to design your "rack", which is comprised of a physical rack, hardware (compute, storage, network), and appropriate cabling. After your rack is designed, we assist with its deployment and provision the appropriate software licenses to build a private cloud with hyper–converged infrastructure, OpenStack, Container as a Service, and Function as a Service capabilities to meet your requirements.

Hararei bundles what you need as one logical Private Cloud SKU

  • Base Hardware — physical rack, servers, top of rack of switches, storage, and core O/S build pre–installed with ability to warehouse and ship rapidly
  • Hyper–converged Infrastructure as a Service (Nutanix)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (Platform9 — OpenStack)
  • Container as a Service (Platform9 — Kubernetes)
  • Function as a Service (Platform9 — Fission)

Hararei works with you to define your SKU. For some customers, multiple SKU‘s might make sense due to different rack requirements for their various workloads (i.e., different compute and storage requirements for grid computing, web application, database, etc. workloads).

An AWS–like private cloud: With Hararei‘s Private Cloud SKU, you can "avoid undifferentiated heavy lifting". Infrastructure is ordered, deployed, provisioned, monitored, supported, and upgraded as a Service. DevOps and IT teams can therefore focus on delivering core business value using the Private Cloud SKU with minimal overhead, rather than the ongoing upkeep and management of infrastructure.

Private Cloud SKU Logical Design

Logical Design

IaaS, CaaS, FaaS Service

  • Low OpEx
  • Flexibility
  • Feature Rich

Agile & Elastic infrastructure

  • Improved Time to Market
  • Experiment & Innovate

Reduced Complexity

  • Effective use of resources
  • Changes take seconds/minutes

Improved Productivity

  • Focus on value added work
  • Self–service

The Hararei Private Cloud SKU provides the following features

  • The "Rack" is based on your hardware requirements. Hararei will procure, build, warehouse, and deliver the fully loaded physical rack
  • Hyper–converged Infrastructure: The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, similar to public cloud providers, integrates server, storage, virtualization and networking in a hyper–converged platform to run any workload, at any scale, while removing the complexity of legacy infrastructure. Abstracts the physical hardware layer so reduces vendor lock–in of the underlying hardware.
  • IaaS: Platform9‘s OpenStack service delivers full private cloud automation, enabling self–service within minutes at any scale.
  • CaaS: Platform9‘s Kubernetes service allows you to create and manage highly available, multi–master, multi–etcd Kubernetes clusters that can span across availability zones in your private or public cloud environments, with the assurance that your data will stay in the appropriate region.
  • FaaS: Platform9‘s Fission is an open–source, serverless framework built on Kubernetes. With Fission, developers write short lived functions in any language, and map them to HTTP requests or event triggers. Functions are deployed instantly with one command.

The combination of infrastructure services provides improved agility and security, increased application performance, and significant reduction in capital and operational expenses. Stop struggling to procure, provision, configure, and maximize utilization of your IT infrastructure. Leveraging Hararei‘s Private Cloud SKU service will allow your organization to operate at Cloud speed.

Hararei is a Cloud generation solutions provider committed to helping clients prepare for, adopt and deploy the latest generation of applications and IT infrastructure in cloud environments.

Let Hararei help transform your private cloud. Contact us for a no obligation consultation.